Dirty 30

I made it!

Well, despite a few bumps along the way, I've made it to 30. If this was Game of Thrones I would be entering the elder years of my life and probably would have a full family and a castle to run. This is the 21st century however, and I am still running around like a little kid. The past decade of my life has seen great joys, hard losses, and some pretty great achievements (I think at least). I hope you will come raise a toast to yourselves, because without you I would no doubt be lost in life. Below are details for the weekend

When: We are celebrating with Family on Friday night. Friends, please join us Saturday, August 3rd Show up anytime after 11am.

Where: We will be celebrating at Wild Acre Farms (1779 E Smith Rd).

What: We are having a mainland version of a luau and will laugh through the night with a campout. As you can see above there are fields-a-plenty to pitch a tent, park a van/camper, or even lay out a bed roll in the yurt. An Imu pit will be going with chicken and veggies, and we will be smoking a bit of beef as well. A healthy supply of beer will also be provided, but spirited drinkers might want to bring a personal stash for later into the night. We ask you bring a side dish to share; there will be access to grill, oven, stove but bring your own dishes etc you will need to prepare something.



How: How do I attend this event? Easy, just RSVP by July 17th using the form below so we know how much space to clear, food to get, and beer to let flow.