I’m Jonny Kemp

I Geek out over Geography, make maps, crunch numbers/code on computers, and generally play around with stuff. Life is short so do what you love, and I love a lot of different things. So I thought I would build a website to show off some of the exploits my monkey brain comes up with from time to time.

This is a constant work in progress. It serves as a repository for me to brain dump all things work, life, and play. None of it is exhaustive or meant to be a walk through, but if you have questions about any of it please reach out to me.

What I Love Doing

When life hands you lemons, just say screw the lemons and do something worthwhile instead


Geographic Information Sciences. Using geospatial information to empower decision making


A novice for now, the thrill of building custom applications (usually geospatial) is hard to beat

Data Geeking

Give me a good piece of data. Lets dig into it, have some fun and get some data viz going.

Outdoor play

Close the laptop and crank some peddles, hop on a surfboard, or strap on some skis. It does the mind and body well


Am I good at it? No. Do I do it often? No. Do I enjoy it. Yes.


from swapping stereos, to remodeling a bathroom, to repairing bikes. If it is complex, and I can break it, I enjoy tinkering on it

Current Projects

Travel Map

Jonny Boy turns 30!

Van Build